Plymouth Solicitors, Fursdon Knapper
is a dynamic law firm based in Devon
with an office in Cambridgeshire.


Advice for Landlords & Mortgage Lenders

We have an excellent reputation in the South West for advising and assisting commercial and individual landlords and mortgage lenders in possession and other proceedings and are a regular presence in the County Courts.

Our competitive rates will ensure that you receive an excellent value service and our approachable Solicitors will see you through each step of every necessary process.

If you require assistance with any of the following matters or more please contact us immediately:

• Advice as to types of private tenancy, e.g. the assured shorthold or assured tenancy.
• Formation and drafting of private Tenancy Agreements
• Your obligation as landlord to maintain and repair
• Non- payment of rent by tenants
• Damage to the property by tenants
• Notice to tenants to quit the property
• Possession proceedings in the County Court
• Bailiff warrants to remove tenants who refuse to quit the premises
• Meeting counter- claims by tenants
• Advice in relation to commercial leases
• Formation and drafting of commercial leases
• Advice for landlords as to breach of commercial leases
• Possession advice and action for mortgage lenders

We are the first choice for many key South West Managing Agents and landlords. To benefit from our services please contact us.

Advice for Tenants & Mortgage Borrowers

If you are concerned that your landlord is infringing upon your rights as a tenant or you own your home but your mortgage company is undertaking action you do not understand we may be able to help.

• Do you understand what type of tenancy you have and the rights and obligations this affords to you and your landlord?

• As a tenant, is your landlord claiming ill- use of the property or non- payment of rent?

• As a tenant are you being asked to leave your property?

• Meeting possession proceedings in the County Court

• Do you have a counter- claim against your landlord?

• Are you a home- owner and your mortgage company is taking action for possession of your home?

Please note that we do not have a Legal Services Commission (LSC) franchise for the purposes of providing free advice and assistance in housing matters. However, if you wish to instruct the firm on a private basis to assist you we can offer competitive rates so please contact us as soon as you can.