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Immigration Law

At Fursdon Knapper we have an extensive private client funded immigration client base.

Our dedicated team of Solicitors are also accredited Senior Immigration Caseworkers in the Legal Services Commission (LSC) Immigration Accreditation Scheme although we can no longer offer public funding for our clients.

Immigration law is a vast area of practice and the consequences of approaching an application incorrectly could affect your prospects of success. We can provide you with comprehensive advice and can answer the following sorts of questions:

• Am I eligible for the relevant application in principle?
• Do I meet the requirements of the rules governing the application?
• Do I need to submit a Form with the application?
• What evidence and documents should I submit in support of the application?
• Where should the application be made? For example, at the Home Office here in the UK or at a post overseas?

We can help with most areas of immigration law including the following:

• Applying for a visa to enter the UK as, for example:
- A visitor
- Student
- Dependant of a person settled in the UK
- Spouse, fiancé or unmarried partner of a person settled in the UK
- Parent accessing contact rights to a child resident in the UK
- Working holiday- makers and au- pairs
- Work permit holder (please note that only employers and not employees can apply for a work permit for a prospective employee)

• Applying to extend a visa or switch visa categories, where this is permitted by the rules.

• Appealing the decision of a UK Embassy refusing to grant a visa to enter the UK

• Applying for indefinite leave to remain in the UK following the requisite period of limited leave.

• Applying for leave to remain in the UK on exceptional and humanitarian grounds.

• Citizenship applications.

• Applying for EU/EEA residence permits for member state nationals, their families and non- EU/EEA family members.

• Advice and representation in deportation appeals

• Advice and representation in bail applications (where detainees are being held on immigration grounds as opposed to criminal grounds).

Please do not hesitate to contact us for an appointment.